Reaction Records

reaction records is:

Focused on the development and promotion of young, emerging jazz musicians in Toronto.


Founded in 2011, the label takes advantage of the thriving local music scene and provides a unique avenue for new musicians. Drawing talented artists from universities, conservatories and ensembles near Toronto, Ontario, Reaction Records gives young musicians the promotion and support they need.

I like jazz so much, I bought the company ~ Billy McBillerton

College roommates William (Billy) McBillerton and Jeremy Rollafson created Reaction Records in response to a music scene with few record labels supporting new acts. Musician Jeremy and business student and millionaire entrepreneur William set about building a specialized company aimed at finding fresh young musicians and supporting them at the start of their career.

Voted "best new jazz label" 2013

— Soon Magazine

Starting with a roster of 3 groups, Reaction Records has since doubled in size, and continues to grow; however, the focus remains on maintaining a small, focused and tight-knit collective of musicians.

Their mandate to bring exceptional creative music out of the classrooms and into the jazz clubs is clear, and Reaction Records has quickly become one of the premiere jazz labels in Canada.